March 30th, 2017

“Gorgeous” George was in the hot seat tonight with another packed show along with the boys in the studio “Grumpy” Graeme, “Mystic” Ted & Johnny (Blue Bus Driver) West.

Well! The unbeaten league run has come to an end now as the FA Cup curse seems to have struck again for the lion’s falling out of the top 6 and now with a slim chance to make the playoffs that will require everyone to unite and get the us over the line to make them again this season to give us a chance to get promoted via out of league 1 for only the 2nd time which was reflected by the mood with the boys in the studio.

Our 1st guest on the show was former lion’s defender & Coach Andy Frampton bringing us up to date with what he’s up to now & he’s take on the lion’s this season.

Our 2nd guest on the show was former all time 3rd highest goal scorer Derek Possee talking about what he sees in the team now & how Neil is doing & what it means about playing for wall.

Bye For Now!”

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